Cement & Additives

Builders Cement 20kg

Cheapest and most popular cement.

GP Cement 20kg

Also known as Portland cement used
in most applications.


Bricklayers White 20kg

When used with white sand gives a white mortar for brickies & tilers.

Paver Bond Sand 20kg

Great product, silicone mixed with sand.

Just sweep between pavers sprinkle with water sets to give stability.

Stops weeds & ants.

Brickies Mate 1 lt

Rapid Set Concrete 20kg

Be quick sets in 15 mins. Ideal for small jobs, such as clothes lines & post.

Concrete Pre-mix 20kg

Quick & easy for pathways, small slabs & posts.

Postmix 20kg

Mortar Pre-mix 20kg

Is used for laying bricks & blocks.