Budget Bedding Sand

A screened sand used for under concrete. Bed around poly pipe & electrical cable. Horse arenas.

Pool Sand / Unwashed

Under above ground pools & ponds. Sweep between pavers. Fix cracks in concrete.


Brickies White Sand

Washed sand. Same texture as beach sand, but not as white. Suitable for sandpits.

Natural Brickies Loam

Sandy brickies loam for laying bricks.

Off white Brickies Loam

Washed Sand. Can be used for plastering. Great for sandpits

Beach Sand

Fine white sand. Used with white cement powder to make white mortar in bricklaying.

Coarse River Sand - Washed

Tilers use this to bed tiles in shower trays and baths. Great for horse arenas.

Sandpit Sand - Washed

Coarse white sand. Great for Sandpits.

Kerb Sand - Washed

Coarse sand, add cement for kerbing. Great for horse arenas.